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203911CCF-7CE9-4875-896D-BCC6FE756198D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04B D 1250W 190mm Circ Saw with LaserCS1250L-QS51378.0299999.0000Class leading performance and value
Rise and fall depth setting function for optimum cutting performance Dust extraction ports for a clean and tidy workplace
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EACS1250L-QS.jpgCS1250L-QS.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png11198.28

B D 1250W 190mm Circ Saw with Laser

R 1,378.02
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2EA088C38-423E-48C4-A7D7-CE6138FC13E4D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE041400W Global Circular SawCS1004-B951501.351740.799999.0000Powerful 1400W motor
Easy and fast adjustment of the bevel shoe between 0 to 45 degree
Cutting depth adjusted up to 62mm at 90 degree
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EACS1004-B9.jpgCS1004-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\imagesbrand-blackdecker.png11305.52

1400W Global Circular Saw

± 14% OFF
R 1,501.35
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2E04251FA-8F05-409D-AF05-32BB110E2EAFD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04400W Single Speed JigsawJS10-B95559.599999.0000Powerful 400W motor
Tool-free blade change
Adjustable bevel from 0 to 45 degree
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAJS10-B9.jpgJS10-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1486.52

400W Single Speed Jigsaw

R 559.50
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2EBCA4E4E-40AA-4FBA-8864-E8B4BCEB90A3D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04380W JigsawKS495-QS5515.7899999.0000HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAbrand-blackdecker.pngbrand-blackdecker.png(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1448.5

380W Jigsaw

R 515.78
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2BD7A1266-C310-4A5E-97D3-654570D6B8E9D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04400w, Variable Speed JigsawJS20-B95615.5799999.0000Powerful 400W motor
Tool-free blade change
Adjustable bevel from 0 to 45 degree
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAJS20-B9.jpgJS20-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1535.28

400w, Variable Speed Jigsaw

R 615.57
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27A131AF1-753E-4C37-944B-B2225822C6EFD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04520w Variable Speed Jigsaw with Kit boxKS701EK-B951120.1399999.0000New improved ID and wire guard provides user direct sight of blade cut
Ergonomic design gives user comfort and versatility in use
Lock-on switch for increased comfort during prolonged cutting
Dust extraction facility for cleaner cutting
Tool-free blade change
Positive bevel detents at 0 and 45 deg
High precision cuts with best in class transmission
Variable speeds for versatility
Low vibration
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAKS701EK-B9.jpgKS701EK-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1974.03

520w Variable Speed Jigsaw with Kit box

R 1,120.13
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2BB4BBF16-5F73-42D0-A7E2-46ABB49DD5E2D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04Scorpion Powered Handsaw 400WKS890ECN-QS51120.13Safety lock-off switching prevents unintentional starting
Multifunctionality - both powered handsaw and jigsaw
Cuts Time. Cuts Effort.
Tool-free push button blade change system
Versatility & speed
Cuts various different materials, wood, metal and plastic
Fingertip variable speed control for safe and accurate cutting
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAKS890ECN_QS.pngKS890ECN_QS.png(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1974.03

Scorpion Powered Handsaw 400W

R 1,120.13
On Request
230DD7E2F-0D96-4C17-8BC9-91A9AF703E56D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04Autoselect 500W Scorpion SawRS890K-QS51792.8899999.0000The NEW Scorpion® with Autoselect® technology quite simply cuts time, cuts effort.
Patented branch steady shoe maximises performance in pruning mode
Tool free push button blade change system makes swapping between applications quick & easy
Cuts various material types including, wood, metal and plastic
Now also with Autoselect® technology – simply select the application and the Scorpion® automatically selects the correct setting for the best results, every time, making swapping between applications hassle-free
The incredibly versatile Scorpion® powered hand saw - saw, jigsaw & prune with one tool
Large shoe surface area provides stability in jigsaw mode
Improved stroke length makes material cutting even easier
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EARS890K-QS.pngRS890K-QS.png(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png11559.03

Autoselect 500W Scorpion Saw

R 1,792.88
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2B23E1A69-AFAB-4325-82C6-19D93DB84D59D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04Multi tool attachment jigsawMTJS1-XJ5503.441.0000Tool free blade change makes swapping blades fast and easy
On a single charge* the jigsaw attachment can cut 19.5m of laminate flooring which is enough flooring to fill a 36m² room. *When used with the 14.4V Multievo™ Multi-tool
0-2,500 strokes per min with 13mm stroke length provides the user with a fast and fine cut
Variable speed allows the user to have ultimate control when performing detailed curved cuts
D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAHikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsMTJSI-XJ.jpgMTJSI-XJ.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1437.77

Multi tool attachment jigsaw

R 503.44
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2797C7EA0-152E-4C56-BB34-E3379EBC0794D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04Multievo Multi tool Recip SawMTRS10-XJ5750.1299999.0000Reciprocating saw attachment for straight cutting and detailed cutting in wood, metal and plastic
Variable speed trigger delivers maximum control in all applications
Tool free blade change allows fast and convenient accessory change
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAMTRS10-XJ.pngMTRS10-XJ.png(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1652.28

Multievo Multi tool Recip Saw

R 750.12
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2175EF364-86B2-4C1C-B255-48FCC38ADBC3D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE0418V Circ Saw - no batteryBDCCS18N-XJ51512.5799999.0000Dust Extraction For cleaner working environment 65° Thermal Cut Out For Added Durability & Safety Compact & Lightweight, For greater comfort and control in use Spring Loaded Slide Pack System Durable & Prevents Dust Ingress
Metal Shoe with Sight Line For Accurate Cutting Anti slip soft grip which provides comfort when using the Circular saw Electric Brake for added safety Cordless Power & convenience. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion System.
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsD4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EABDCCS18N-XJ.jpgBDCCS18N-XJ.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png11315.28

18V Circ Saw - no battery

R 1,512.57
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2471E5D04-6C65-480B-B2DC-6BAB616930E0D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EA575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE0418V Recip Saw - no batteryBDCR18N-XJ51512.5799999.0000Anti slip soft grip which provides comfort when using the saw Cordless Power & convenience. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion System. Compact & Lightweight, For greater comfort and control in use
Toolfree Blade Change, Quick & Easy Hassle free Blade change Spring Loaded Slide Pack System, Durable and prevents dust ingress
D4E55721-4BB3-49A4-95F1-0D17ABF293EAHikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\SawsBDCRI8N-XJ.jpgBDCRI8N-XJ.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png11315.28

18V Recip Saw - no battery

R 1,512.57
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