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2810F6E41-ED56-4C17-8C82-F7B9C58C044FE41B4AF2-BF6B-4FB7-B6FE-E88C67E3DCC0C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8F240W 1/4 Sheet SanderSS24-B95873.4599999.0000Features & Benefits?
240W Powerful motor with higher sanding efficiency
to provide optimal removal rate in different materials
16000/min higher speed with low vibration to deliver optimal sanding result to End-user.
Compact design with lower height to give better balance and control.
Longer hanging life and first brush life ensure longest durability in class.
Product Specifications?
Rated Power: 240W
No Load Speed: 16000 OPM
Orbital Diameter: 1.4mm
Sanding Pad Size: 110 x 104 mm
Sanding Paper Size: 140 x 115 mm
Switch Type: Rock
Dust Sealed Switch: Yes
Dust Extraction: Yes
Weight: 1.1 kg
HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\SandersE41B4AF2-BF6B-4FB7-B6FE-E88C67E3DCC0SS24-B9.jpgSS24-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png1759.52

240W 1/4 Sheet Sander

R 873.45
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254960C84-D5BF-4A48-9AC2-CFF7488FBC42E41B4AF2-BF6B-4FB7-B6FE-E88C67E3DCC0C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8F280W 1/3 Sheet SanderSS28-B95873.4599999.0000Aluminum base with 90 x 185mm (1/3 of sheet)

Compact design. Rubberized handles for operator comfort

Lock button for continuous use

Selector for speed control
HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\SandersE41B4AF2-BF6B-4FB7-B6FE-E88C67E3DCC0SS28-B9.jpgSS28-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png1759.52

280W 1/3 Sheet Sander

R 873.45
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29F036D66-2A1A-4AEF-B9D6-F3BF16BBCE73E41B4AF2-BF6B-4FB7-B6FE-E88C67E3DCC0C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8F900W Belt SanderSB90-B951624.6999999.0000900W powerful motor for higher efficiency and fast material removal. • The 76x533mm belt is suitable for sanding big surfaces. • The 240-380 m/min variable speed control with low vibration delivers optimal sanding results. • The dust extraction system ensures a cleaner work environment. • The rubber grip surfaces improve comfort and the auxiliary handle provides better control • The two-finger trigger switch with lock-on button provides comfort over continuous usage.HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\SandersE41B4AF2-BF6B-4FB7-B6FE-E88C67E3DCC0SB90-B9.jpgSB90-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png11412.77

900W Belt Sander

R 1,624.69
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