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25A473CE6-EE9F-4BCE-9470-6B6B10CF19C118D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F108051/4 Sheet SanderDWE6411-QS52454.4299999.0000230 Watt motor sands at 14,000 orbits per minute, providing a superior finishHook & loop platen allows faster paper change, better dust extraction and increase sanding efficiencyPaper clamps provided for conventional abrasivesTextured anti-slip top and body grip provides ultimate comfort and control during prolonged useDust sealed switch for increased durabilitySealed 100% ball-bearing construction provides longer lifeHigh capacity dust bag with built in vacuum adapter allowing connectio to AirLock or standard 35mm adaptorDual plane counter-balance low-vibration design reduces user fatigue18D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156HikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\SandersDWE6411_2.jpgDWE6411_2.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png12134.28

1/4 Sheet Sander

R 2,454.42
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2B563B8E3-884D-4720-91B4-9A6DC33D562118D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805125mm Random Orbit SanderDWE6423-QS52454.4299999.0000280 Watt variable speed motor adjusts from 8,000-12,000 orbits per minute, providing ideal sanding speed for all materialsLow vibration allowing for extended usage without fatigueBuilt in dust extraction port allowing direct connection to dust extractor, or DEWALT AirLock systemTextured anti-slip top and body grip provides ultimate comfort and control during useDust-sealed switch prevents contaminationControlled finishing system controls pad speed and minimises gouging during start upSealed 100% ball-bearing construction provides longer lifeCompact palm grip designUses hook and loop paper for consistent adhesion and fast changing18D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156HikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\SandersDWE6423-QS.jpgDWE6423-QS.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png12134.28

125mm Random Orbit Sander

R 2,454.42
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257A6D105-1496-47EC-BE41-69451699C6C818D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805150mm Random Orbit Sander - Body GripDW443-QS59700.8399999.0000Right angle design and side handle make this sander ideal for extended use especially when sanding large surfaces, such as boat hulls, walls, doors and tablesControlled finishing system eliminates start-up scratching by keeping the sanding pad at a controlled speedVariable speed for heat sensitive sanding, polishing and superior finishingUses hook and loop for fast paper changesDust sealed switch and bearings for a long lifeLarge orbit size for fast stock removal18D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156HikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\SandersDW443-QS.jpgDW443-QS.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png18435.5

150mm Random Orbit Sander - Body Grip

R 9,700.83
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26F7A8ABE-7247-436D-9C3B-C9FF69F03F2318D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F1080575mm belt sanderDWP352VS-GB510508.9999999.0000Variable speed for heat sensitive sanding and superior finishing
Top exit cordset keeps cable away from belt area preventing interference with sanding operations
Manual Tracking
Efficient dust collection using integrated dust container, AirLock compatible
Two handle arrangement for good balance and control, can be used single handed
Powerful 1010 Watt motor gives fast, efficient removal of material in a variety of applications
18D7F58D-FCB1-464E-BECA-F9A460C97156HikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\SandersDWP352VS-GB.jpgDWP352VS-GB.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png19138.25

75mm belt sander

R 10,508.99
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