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29B12CE5F-1108-48E7-A564-9028013A4A29292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8F1400W 2 Gear Variable Speed Mud MixerSDR1400-B952745.9499999.0000Features
1400 W motor allows for high viscosity mixing Two speed gear box offer maximum torque for different application Supplied with M14 fitment R015 type Ø140 mm paddle
HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\Other292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4SDR1400_2.jpgSDR1400_2.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png12387.77

1400W 2 Gear Variable Speed Mud Mixer

R 2,745.94
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2194AC90D-714F-4249-96CD-18CC0BDA9C03292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8F750W 2mm PlanerSTPP7502-B951748.0399999.0000Features & Benefits?
Powerful 750W motor for optimum material removal
3 Different size chamfering grooves machined in planer shoe
0.2mm depth of cut setting for increased accuracy.
12mm maximum rebate depth broadens the applications the planer can be used for
Low weight and perfect balance make this planer ideal for single handed use
Product Specifications?
Packing: Carton Box
Power (W): 750
No charge speed (rpm): 16500
Maximum cutting capacity at 90° (mm):
Maximum cutting capacity at 45°:
Unit weight (kg): 2.7
Includes: Brush Key 2 Reversible Tungsten Carbide Blades Adapter for Vacuum Cleaner
HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\Other292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4STPP7502-B9.jpgSTPP7502-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png11520.03

750W 2mm Planer

R 1,748.03
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2E491D78B-13F0-4282-937D-277FE178A978292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8F1200W 8mm Variable Speed Plunge RouterSRR1200-B951871.37Features & Benefits?
1200W motor for long life and high performance
Triple depth presetting for adjusting plunge depth allows precise working in several steps
3 collets provided to suit all shank sizes up to 8mm
Anti-static shoe coating for precise guidance on work piece and high comfort of use
Product Specifications?
Packaging: Carton
Power(W): 1200
No Load Speed (rpm): 8000-27000
Plunge Stroke Movement (mm): 55
Collet Size: 6/6.35/8
Unit Weight (kg): 3.6
Includes: Unit
Collet: 6mm,6.35mm & 8mm 1pc each
1set guiding rod
1pc Dust port adapter
1pc guide rack
1pc centring pin
1pc Spanner
1pc template guide
6pcs router bits
HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\Other292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4SRR1200_1.jpgSRR1200_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png11627.28

1200W 8mm Variable Speed Plunge Router

R 1,871.37
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26F6DFE0A-7185-4C6D-9E6B-BDBB6FCC4B5B292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4C06B2B43-B679-492B-91CF-063CB9FAFD8FStanley Tools Heatgun 2000WSTXH2000-B95615.571.0000Features & Benefits?
2 speed heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all heat gun applications
Variable heat setting for material appropriate working and a large variety of applications
Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use even over extended periods of time
Lock-on switch for comfortable, hands-free use
HikMicro\Power Tools\Stanley Power Tools\Other292ACB36-D849-4EF3-B351-1E9CE7D90FE4STXH2000-B9.jpgSTXH2000-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0E:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png1535.28

Stanley Tools Heatgun 2000W

R 615.57
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