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2F4B4FC24-080E-496E-9C68-B80DB331360BA1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Multi Line Laser compatible With DE0892 DetectorDW089K-QW57959.9699999.0000Self-levelling multi line laser is accurate to ±0.3 mm/m in levelling applicationsSelf-Levelling up to 4 degrees surface angle with automatic out of level indication, marks a levelled line in seconds3 button operation and low battery indication for ease of useAn adjustment dial for fine line movement (vertical & side)Built in magnetic pivot bracket mounts easily on metal surfacesOvermolded housing helps maintain calibration under jobsite conditionsIncludes 4 x AA batteries for 25 hours runtimeKit box protects unit and helps maintain calibration when stored in gang boxWorks with DE0892 detector up to the distance of 50 metresA1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDW089K_1.jpgDW089K_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png16921.7

Multi Line Laser compatible With DE0892 Detector

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2849F7E22-8C12-423A-9C92-70F640961CC5A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Laser Detector for DW088 / DW089DE0892-XJ53277.1199999.0000Automatic shut off turns off detector if inactive for 5 mins
Up to 50m working range
Compatible with pulsed DEWALT red beam Line lasers
Very easy to use
Heavy duty clamp for mounting on a grade rod
Selectable narrow and wide accuracy settings
Backlit LCD
Magnets to allow detector to be mounted on the metal tracks
A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDE0892_1.jpgDE0892_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png12849.66

Laser Detector for DW088 / DW089

R 3,277.11
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28695E223-C403-415E-8D50-D294F4F882EFA1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Laser DetectorDE0772-XJ59998.8899999.0000Adjustable volume control (high, low & mute) - 100 dBA (high) can be heard on the noisiest jobsites
Front & rear LCD displays for easy viewing
100% waterproof design
Consistent accuracy, over the operating range regardless of beam size in Fine Setting /-1mm.
Heavy duty clamp for jobsite durability
Compatible with all rotary lasers (interior, exterior, visible & invisible) - Extending the operating range of most lasers to over 300 m (radius)
Automatic shut off turns off detector if inactive for 30 min to enhance battery life
A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDE0772_F1.jpgDE0772_F1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png18694.68

Laser Detector

R 9,998.88
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26BEE7F3E-5FCB-41EE-88FB-C34CC08AA125A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Laser TripodDE0881-XJ52930.1299999.0000360 degree horizontal rotation with no height change
Extends between 600mm and 1700mm height
Reinforced design (leg levers, thread etc)
A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDE0881_1.jpgDE0881_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png12547.93

Laser Tripod

R 2,930.12
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21756A360-726A-40A4-8816-1264EE649FE4A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Laser PoleDE0882-XJ53014.6499999.0000360 degree horizontal rotation with no height change
Maximum height of 3.3m
Reinforced fixing arm platform, locking mechanism and sections connecting material
Very easy to set up
Floor to Ceiling 1/4" Laser Pole
A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDE0882_1.jpgDE0882_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png12621.43

Laser Pole

R 3,014.64
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233E64891-5D0A-4C44-BBE1-EE1ADB2A7FBAA1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Laser Target CardDE0730-XJ5198.799999.0000Works with red laser beams
Magnetic base for attaching to ceiling grid or steel studs.
Printed scale in inches and cm
A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDE0730_1.jpgDE0730_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png1172.78

Laser Target Card

R 198.70
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20BF53A29-3D30-4E70-8380-907A3DB2DD14A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BA606C4630-C6B0-4358-BEE3-D3C879F10805Laser Tripod ElevatedDE0735-XJ55099.5399999.0000Tripod with 5/8" - 11 mounting threads
Extends between 1.2M to 2.84M
Elevating head with crank for quick and easy height adjustment
Integrated vial on the head for leveling accuracy
Quick release clamps on adjustable legs
Steel tipped feet for stability on any terrain
Rugged, heavy duty construction for strength and durability
Made of aluminium making it lightweight and portable
Includes 1/4" thread adaptor
A1A4ADF2-4091-4666-B4E7-78241ED4A2BAHikMicro\Power Tools\DeWALT Power Tools\Laser ToolsDE0735_1.jpgDE0735_1.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-dewalt.png14434.37

Laser Tripod Elevated

R 5,099.53
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