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28F5557E6-9593-43B0-8CEE-BC2DABD973A1AE5FCBF2-7675-4265-92A9-7330F05ABCA6D1245C1B-AC77-4F2D-AE44-266C2FA9B540HIKMICRO Handheld Thermal CameraG4042HIKMICRO G40 Handheld Thermal Camera is specially designed for temperature measurement. It’s equipped with a 480 × 360 resolution thermal detector. It helps the staff to quickly find the high-temperature targets in the environment.
Meanwhile, it provides assistance with decisions and ensures safety. The device is mainly applied to various industries, such as Building, HVAC, auto industry, etc.

Key Feature

  • High sensitivity thermal module with 480 × 360 resolution

  • Leading thermal image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR

  • Supports multiple palettes

  • High quality optical module with 8 MP resolution

  • Bi-spectrum image fusion, picture-in-picture preview

  • Wide temperature measurement range: -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202°F)

  • High temperature measurement accuracy: Max. (± 2°C/3.6°F, ± 2%)

  • High-calibre 800 × 480 resolution 4.3'''''''' LCD touch display

  • Long-distance laser light supplement for thermography targets

  • LED light supplement makes the device a torch in required scenarios

  • Supports 1.0x to 8.0x continuous digital zoom

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HIKMICRO Handheld Thermal Camera

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2DD7257F1-3894-4C7D-B5BB-DDABAB7E2FC9AE5FCBF2-7675-4265-92A9-7330F05ABCA6D1245C1B-AC77-4F2D-AE44-266C2FA9B540HIKMICRO Handheld Thermal CameraG6045The HikMicro G60 is a specialist high-resolution handheld thermography camera. A large class-leading 4.3" colour touch screen display makes it easier than before to set measurement points and view your handheld thermographic images. HikMicro is a dedicated Hikvision handheld thermography brand.

Handheld thermal camera key features:
• 640x512 thermal resolution with auto, manual, and laser focus.
• Configurable 2/5/8MP Optical picture resolution
• 640x480 Optical video resolution
• 4.3" Touch screen display
• 50Hz ultra-fast video frame rate
• Built-in WiFi for the HikMicro Viewer App
• Includes 64Gb Micro SD memory
• Analyze your thermographic images using the free HikMicro Analyzer software
• Built-in Laser Pointer
• Built-in Bluetooth
• Up to 4-hours of continuous operation
• -20°C to 550°C temperature range
• IP54
• UNC 1/4-20 Tripod Mounting
/download-catalogue/hikmicro-handheld-thermal-camera-g60.pdfAE5FCBF2-7675-4265-92A9-7330F05ABCA6HikMicro\HIKMICRO Thermal Cameras\G SeriesG60.jpgG60.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\imagesE:\wwwRoot\ecat_upload\__upload\Auction4Builder\Catalogue\images\logo\brand-hikmicro.png111]]>11

HIKMICRO Handheld Thermal Camera

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