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20F0F1618-3A18-47C6-8DB3-BB693682CCBEDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275C575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04650W 115mm Small Angle GrinderG650-ZA5559.599999.0000The black decker small angle grinder offers smooth usage and faster result with its two position side handle, a 650 watts powerful motor that makes grinding and cutting operations run smoothly at 12000 rpm making all grinding operations easier.
Powerful 650W motor.
Slim and compact body allows continuous use.
Dust Seal switch with lock for continuous use.
Compact ergonomic design.
Supports 4&apos
/100mm disc.
It has spindle lock, Burst Guard.
Side handle with 2 position, dust seal switch with lock for continuous use.
Metal gear case increased durability and extend life of the tool.
Product Specifications?
Maximum Speed: 1200 rpm
Side Handle: Yes
Spindle Lock: Yes
Switch Type: Paddle with Lock on
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\Angle GrindersDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275CG650-ZA.jpgG650-ZA.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1486.52

650W 115mm Small Angle Grinder

R 559.50
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2D8BB8261-2807-49BE-8F68-4B67D2EB6068DEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275C575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04600W 115mm Small Angle GrinderBEG010-QS5671.6399999.0000The black decker beg010 small angle grinder is ideal for diy cutting and grinding operations. the grinder can cut through stone and metal. the 650w motor prevents stalling and bogging down. the compact gear case provides greater accessibility and ease of use. the multiple handle orientation adds comfort. the robust construction can handle aggressive cutting and grinding applications. the soft start and no volts release switch adds safety and control.
Appropriate motor power to complete cutting and grinding applications without bogging down/stalling.
Compact size gear case for greater accessibility.
Robust construction to keep up with aggressive cutting and grinding applications.
Soft start and No Volts release switch for added safety and control.
Easy to use in multiple handle orientations / Slim enough to hold in hand
Product Specifications?
Input voltage: 230V
Power Input: 710W
Rated speed: 12000 min-1
Disc bore: 22mm
Grinding discs: 8mm
Cutting discs: 3.5mm
Spindle size: M14
Weight: 1.7Kg
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\Angle GrindersDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275CBEG010-QS.jpgBEG010-QS.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1584.03

600W 115mm Small Angle Grinder

R 671.63
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2E4B104E9-FD91-4592-99B3-E3B58423A41FDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275C575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04710W 115mm Small Angle GrinderCD115-QS5615.5799999.0000The black & decker 700w 115mm small angle grinder is useful when working in confined spaces, ideal for cutting metal pipes, removing rust from metal work, removing excess weld and for mortar raking between brickwork.
15mm disc size - useful when working in confined spaces
710w motor provides an ideal balance between power, weight and size
2 position side handle for additional control and safety
Spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy
Tool free safety guard makes guard adjustment quick and easy
Lock on switch assists with comfort and control.
Product Specifications?
Cutting metal pipes
Removing rust from metal work
Removing excess weld
Mortar raking from between brickwork
Power: 710 W
Voltage: 230 V
Wheel diameter: 115 mm
Soft grip: No
Soft start: No
No load speed: 10000 rpm
Configuration: Body grip
Spindle size: M14 mm
Spindle lock: Yes
Switch type: Slider
Lock on/off switch: Yes
Tool free adjustable guard: Yes
Cable length: 2 m
Secondary handle: Yes
Kit Box: No
Sound Pressure: 91 dB(A)
Sound Power: 102 dB(A)
Vibration: 71.3 m/s²
HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\Angle GrindersDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275CCD115-QS.jpgCD115-QS.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1535.28

710W 115mm Small Angle Grinder

R 615.57
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2FC4DC4C9-9A02-4BA3-9543-64E6CF22BEEADEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275C575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE04850W 125mm Small Angle GrinderBEG120-QS5727.6999999.0000HikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\Angle GrindersDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275CBEG120-QS.jpgBEG120-QS.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png1632.77

850W 125mm Small Angle Grinder

R 727.69
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23AB2FFF4-9F27-45E7-8FDC-C37F551F2877DEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275C575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE042200W 230 mm Large Angle GrinderBDGL2223-B951736.822013.73 Position side handle adds additional control and safety. Spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy. Lock off trigger prevents accidental start-up. Safety guard 5. 3 Meter cableHikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\Angle GrindersDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275CBDGL2223-B9.jpgBDGL2223-B9.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\imagesbrand-blackdecker.png11510.28

2200W 230 mm Large Angle Grinder

± 14% OFF
R 1,736.82
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235698CA6-B12F-4A38-8F37-F4C4253072A1DEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275C575BEB99-6DDF-4D94-A056-8C87040EFE0418V Pendulum Jigsaw no battery or chargeBDCJS18N-XJ51187.499999.0000Lock-on switch for increased comfort during prolonged cutting Positive bevel detents at 0, 22.5 and 45 deg Pendulum action for faster cutting Blade Guard for safety Tool Free Blade Change, Fits both T&U Shank Blades Compact & Lightweight, For greater comfort and control in use Cordless Power & convenience. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion System Clear Line of Sight for accurate cuttingDEA40804-B675-4405-A911-6F7AF907275CHikMicro\Power Tools\Black Decker Power Tools\Angle GrindersBDCJS18N_XJ.jpgBDCJS18N_XJ.jpg(PATHUPLOAD)\__upload\ThreeD\Catalogue\images0brand-blackdecker.png11032.52

18V Pendulum Jigsaw no battery or charge

R 1,187.40
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