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UT105+/UT107+ Automotive Multimeters

  • UT105+ and UT107+ Automotive Multimeters have updated measurement functions, accuracy, and meter shell to test conventional and hybrid vehicles. This series contains all the reliable functions of the traditional multimeter and offers RPM, dwell angle, pulse width, and battery test as well.

  • 1000V AC/DC voltage and 10A AC/DC current (20A for 10s max) measurement range is suitable for most of the vehicle and electrical facilities maintenance. Up to 1000V VFC mode enables users to take accurate measurements on variable-frequency motor drives, water pumps, HVAC systems.

  • UT105+ and UT107+ are both True RMS automotive multimeters that meet CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V safety rating. UT105+ is designed for basic vehicle troubleshooting with 4000 counts display. UT107+ supports some extra functions, such as battery test, pulse width, capacitance with 6000 counts display.

Features of UT105+/UT107+ Automotive Multimeters

  • True RMS

  • 1000V AC/DC voltage measurement

  • 20A AC/DC current measurement (20A for 10s max)

  • VFC 1000V voltage measurement

  • Dwell angle 1-8CYL


  • Capacitance/Pulse width/12V battery test (UT107+)

  • Temperature/Resistance/Frequency

  • Data hold/Relative mode/Duty cycle

  • Diode/Transistor

  • Backlight

  • CAT II 1000V / CAT III 600V

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